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We're dedicated to the fast growing, long living, magical hardwood evergreen that's not an evergreen at all! The Mountain Larch is a deciduous conifer! By summer, it radiates an almost iridescent green, but by fall, its needles turn a long lasting brilliant yellow before turning red and falling away in the winter. They grow up to 2 feet per year, sometimes live for more than 1,000 years and produce one of most beautiful, durable and long lasting hardwoods known to science. Best of all, they are easy to grow, very hardy, preferring well drained rocky and sandy soils in colder environments with lots of sun.

We’ve been studying and working with the Mountain Larch for a long time as shown in this 1960 photo from company files at the site of our earliest research in the Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon.

Nutri - Larch Growing Supplement

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growth, health and color of your Mountain more....

As of April 15, 2010 snow depth....

April 22, 2010 and melting faster last!

The Mountain Larch really likes the mountains and so do we! So its a perfect fit for us!  We grow our trees right here near Anchorage on the sunny side of a valley at an altitude near 1800 feet where they are hardened by a lot of wind, snow and cold so they are ready to do especially well for you in their new home. 

Just remember that they are going to need lots of full sun, and moist (but not wet!) well drained porous soils.

Add the right nutrients, keep the pH around 5.5 to 6.0 and make sure your soils contain sufficient organics and just watch them grow!

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